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Zekle Flashback Concert--12/01/2007--- Review 
by Geraldine (OPA Junior)
7 Décembre 2007
You know when you think you have a good idea? Only to find out that a lot of people had that very same idea?

This concert was scheduled to start at 8:30 pm… Since we realized that it was going to be packed! We decided to get to the Parc very early. We got there around 7:45 pm (a little later than we intended)… Only to find well over 700 people already seated or roaming around the place. Everyone looked beautiful! (of course there were a few people wearing jeans… but most ladies wearing such thing dressed it up!).

The park was arranged beautifully! Plenty tables (with candle light) located on the sides and in the back… In the center from the front of the stage were rows of chairs.
My sister decided nothing beats actually seeing the artists (there were several big screens so that the people on the sides or in the back could see what's going on on stage), So, she wanted to seat all the way up front.
By 8:00 pm, we’d found ideal places, we were already seated and waiting for our orders to come (they had servers walking around taking orders). The park was steadily filling up

8:45 pm… We're still waiting... people are getting impatient, they start clapping (as a way to prompt the artists to come out!)… Shortly after 9:00 pm, All the lights in the place are turned off! It’s pitch black! We hear a voice announcing that the show will start shortly. Parents are asked to keep their kids close (because for the purpose of the show, the lights will mainly remain off!), people are asked not to take pictures… Only hired professionals are allowed to do so, if anyone if found not respecting this rule, his/her camera will be seized! (what a disappointment!)

There was some light background music… at 9:30 the music stops… and it’s as if someone is turning the dial of a radio. Lol… I hear some people asking what’s going on. Every Once in a while you’d catch a glimpse of a Zekle song… Then finally it stops on a "station" and it's as if a reporter is announcing that there something major going on at Parc Historique de la Canne-a-Sucre… All of a Sudden, there are lightning simulations on the stage and you hear thunder (bel bagay net! It was all dark, and the lightning effect was very beautiful). That’s when the Zekle musicians/singers made their entrance all dressed in black. At the end of the simulation, there were some fire works. With the end of the last fire work, the band starts right ahead with “Tambour Battant” (I think that’s the title of the song… “C’etait le temps des difficiles on etait tous d’accord…”). The whole presentation thus far was very very nice… timing was impeccable. At the end of the first song, we have confetti's falling over the place. Then they continue with “Stop” (I think that's the title... "Ti gason Rete la")… During the second song, comes that break dancer: Robot-Scorpion… who did a wonderful job! Smooth entrance, flowed really well with the music. Third song … “ Sodo” (aie! Azor lague yon kout tambou nan chante sa’ ouh lala!).

Then it was “Ce ou menm”… “Sonje mwen renmen’w” (there’s a point in this song, where Joel seemed to have some issues with his voice, but he managed for the rest of the night!). 6th song is “Chante Lanmou” (I believe Joel forgot a few words in this one… lol) but it was a Remix featuring Mika! The crowd just went wild!

After that in no particular order, Zekle performed “Amelie”, “Reponn mwen,” “Pil ou fas” (the chorus did one hell of a job with that one!). Joel had a duet with Jackeline Denis, I don't know the title but it goes like this “Nou te jeun, la vie te bel, nou te kwe nan tonton nwel, kounye an m’pa fe promess…” (big shocker, Jackeline struggled big time throughout this song! Either she had a cold, or she lost her voice during rehearsal. They would have been better off having Beatrice Krebreau sing it). Tifane also had a duet with Joel, singing “ou te di’m” they did a good job with it (you should have heard the crowd sing along with this one!). Then it was “Site Katon” (at this point, I wished I had a lighter), “Si ou vle’m” (Joel was sitting in the front as he began to sing this one, when he had to pause: he got emotional and cried… no djol to talk), “Pitonn pat Zanmi” (that one left me a bit disappointed! Joel ran with it, and TiRa had a hard time catching up with the keyboard, but they managed to finish it well!). In “chimen Zenglen” Azor, Keke, Ti Claude really shined in that one. In “Anyway”, which was the song before last, Joel introduced everyone on the stage… and each musician/guest singer/background had a chance to do a little something for the public! (for example, Keke did a few note from Mizik Mizik's Blackout on his guitar, Jaqueline tried to sing Anko Anko, Mika did a little rapping etc... It was really original and nice. They ended the show with “Adye”… and more fireworks!
It’s possible that I missed a few songs… the band played non-strop from beginning to end, it was a bit hard keeping up as each new song brought more screaming and excitement from the crowd!

I can’t say that the delivery was perfect! Having more time to rehearse would have helped. The guys were a little tired, so if you really know the songs you'd catch a few errors here and there… but overall, it was a nice show. Very professionally done! Sound was great (I believe it was provided by the Dupoux/Leger team). The 1250 gourdes spent was worth it.

Zekle’s songs, although old still worked the crowd big time: grand’ma, grad’pa, Mom, dad, youngsters included, everybody seemed to have a wonderful time. There were times when I’d see a few little kids (between 8 and 12) looking around with a look on their face as if asking themselves “what in the world is going on with these old folks… why are they acting/screaming like they’re teenagers”.

In any cases, since they’re just starting back, I supposed they’ll have more time to rehearse, especially considering the fact that they had a lot of guests artists performing with them (Fabrice Rouzier, Keke Belizaires, Jean Caze, Azor, and some others), so it can only get better from here.

Arius Joseph

Richard Barbot

William Jean

Keke Belizaire
Claude Marcelin

On the Keyboard:
Raoul Denis Jr.
Fabrice Rouzier
Mushi Widmaier

Jean Case

Tom Michel

James Germain
Beatrice Kebreau
(Kathia, Elizabeth, Roosevelt Jean-Noel and another guys--Don't remember the name)

I must say it was quite amazing... that Joel sang all of these songs mostly while on the drums. Sometimes he would come in the front with his guitar or tambourine... Kuddos to him.

Another observation, from the way the concert started, the rest of the show lacked a little something. The special effects in the beginning had the crowd going wild... Robot-Scorpion's little skit was really nice. So, I thikn there should have been a few more skits during the show.

You guys make sure you catch them in January!

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