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Mushi Widmaier and his quartet 
An event that sparkled in sounds and colors Van Dyke Cafe in Miami Beach
31 Mai 2007
The energy and dynamism that emanate from this quartet is a mighty convincing testimony that the old-new trend called "Kreyòl Jazz" in the Haitian musical experience is more than ever alive and has definitely engraved its footprints in many Haitian minds. The gathering that happened on Thursday, May 31, 2007 at the Van Dyke Café in Miami Beach around Mushi and his musicians seemed to me a pledge of support of his music, of course, but also a remarkable gesture to embrace this movement geared toward the renaissance of our music.

The audience composed of jazz aficionados and music amateurs bonded so well that it allowed the pianist to shape the night in three full sets with two breaks where the musicians could chat with their fans. The repertoire contained essentially pieces from the latest Mushi's CD, "My World" and as well as some new materials of the same vein.

I was pleasantly surprised by the playing of bassist Dony Felix who brought his own crowd that could not stay quiet in the back of the room. Trumpet player Jean Caze delivered a great expected performance as well as Mushi who, as usual exhibited an astonishing mastery of his keyboards. There was also this young drummer (19) named Havel (to be watched) who play alternatively with Joel W.: incredibly talented with an amazing drive… Nice night… Great music… Good food! Looking forward to the next one Mr. Staco! (Mushi's manager)

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Alphonse Piard, Jr.

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