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Mushy 2006
Richard widmaier/ Joel widmaier Live
Nicol Bernard - Mushy Widmaier- Jacky Bernard - Alex Bernard - Bib monville (Fal Frett a l'aeroport de Port-au-Prince)
Egberto Gismonti / Mushy Widmaier/ Gerald Merceron
Mushy Live Ibo Beach
In concert
Mushy Live
Mushy Live 1984
Reunion CariBean sextet and Zekle Ibo Lele
Herby Widmaier and Mushy during studio session for Herby's CD Recording En Plein coeur
Mushy during studio Work for My World CD
Mushy and Joel Studio session
Studio Session
Ralph Boncy/Mushy widmaier/Joel widmaier/Phillipe Simpson: The beginning of Zekle, 1981
Mushy Widmaier / Gonzalo Rubalcaba Workshop in Martinique
Mushy In concert
Mushy Live
Mushy Live
Joel/Ralph/Phillipe 1981
Oswald Durand and Jacques Fattier in concert at the French Institute 1980
Zekle San mele (Richard barbot/Arus Joseph/Mushy)
Jean Caze and Mushy widmaier in concert at the"Parc de la Canne a Sucre" Port-au-Prince January 27, 2007
Mushy - Richard - Jean - Wesner - Azor - Joel Live at the PCS Parc de la canne a sucre Port-au-Prince 01/07
Joel soloing live at the PCS Pap 01/07
Joel - Nadege R. Tippenhauer - Mushy after the concert PCS Pap 01/07
Live at the PCS Pap 01/07
Mushy Live
Azor Fortune before the PCS Pap 01/07
Mushy Before the concert
Reunion before the concert
Joel widmaier Live in concert
Dony Felix
Mushy live at the PCS P-a-P Jan. 07
Dony Felix & Harvel Nakundi (Drums)
Dony Felix
Mushy at the Cuidamar Restaurant Bar, South Miami
Harvel Nakundi
With Jean Caze, at Sheba's
With Jean Caze, at Sheba's
Les Widmaier
Tabou Combo's Kapi, with Joel
Richard Barbot, Joel Widmaier, King Kino, Mushy, Reginald Policard
Solo at Sheba's

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